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The Colosseum Games Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger for The Colosseum Games Blog

Would you like to submit a Blog to The Colosseum Games?

Then send your Guest Blog to me @  [email protected] and after approval by the moderator I will place it under the Guest Blog Menu.

Blogs can be on any subject and between 300-1000 words.

Blogs can include images. Images must be over 500px wide and 500px tall.
The Blog must not contain any of the following:

1,   Pornographic material!

2,  Incite racial or civil unrest!

3,  Disparage religion!

4,  Promote crime or criminal acts!

5, Contain Libels or Disparaging remarks!

6,   Must be subject to approval by the moderator who will have the final say on if the blog is to be published or not!

The moderator reserves the right to correct or change the wording of the Guest blog to improve grammar, readability and spelling.